Jun Lu Performing Arts Academy

Dance and Music Summer Camps

Designed for fun and a leap in artistic expressiveness


Our summer camp features an intensive and fun dance and music program that aims to enable a leap in artisctic expressiveness and creativity for the campers. It combines the best of professional-level instruction with rich routines to be featured in live theater/outdoor performance and maybe competitions.

Camps are on weekdays 9:00am ~ 4:00pm unless noted otherwise.

Each camp has a showcase time open to parents: the last Friday afternoon of each camp, parents are invited to come to enjoy what their kids have learned and advanced through their hardwork. There is also a free dance team audition at the end of each camp for those who are wishing to join our 2024-2025 competitive dance team.

Summer Intesitive/Camps:

  1. Summer Intensive 1, 6/10-6/16 (9-4pm) - Recommended for dancers age 15 and up or existing Team 2 dancers
  2. Summer Intensive 2, 6/14-6/23 (1-8pm) - Recommended for dancers age 13 and up or existing Team 3 dancers
  3. Summer Intensive 3, 6/12-6/21 (9-4pm) - Recommended for dancers age 12 and up or existing Team 5 dancers
  4. Summer Intensive 5, 6/17-6/28 (9-4pm), weekdays - Recommended for dancers age 10 and up or existing Team 5 and 7 dancers
  5. Summer Intensive 6, 7/8-7/19 (9-4pm), weekdays - Recommended for dancers age 6 and up or existing team 6 dancers
  6. Summer Intensive 7, 7/8-7/19 (9-4pm), weekdays - Recommended for dancers age 10 and up or existing Team 7 and 9 dancers
  7. Summer Intensive 8 (hiphop), 7/8-7/19 (9-4pm), weekdays - Recommended for dancers age 9 and up or existing Team 8 and Zen dancers
  8. Summer Intensive 9, 7/22-8/2 (9-4pm), weekdays - Recommended for dancers age 8 and up or existing Team 9 and 11 dancers
  9. Summer Intensive 10, 7/22-8/2 (9-4pm), weekdays - Recommended for mini dancers age 5-6 or existing level 2-4 dancers
  10. Summer Intensive 11, 7/22-8/2 (9-4pm), weekdays - Recommended for dancers age 7 and up or existing team 12 dancers
  11. Summer Intensive 12(KPOP, CPOP, Zen), 7/22-8/2 (9-4pm), weekdays - For KPOP, CPOP loving dancers age 11 and up or existing Zen/8 dancers
  12. Summer Intensive X1, 7/22-8/2 (9-4pm), Weekdays [Special audition/approval] - Special Ballet and Character Dance
  13. Summer Intensive X2, 8/5-8/9 (9-4pm), [Special audition/approval] - Special Chinese Classic dance technique and Contemporary Dance camp

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Onsite Camp daily schedule example



9:00am  - 10:30am

Dance techniques

10:30am - 12:00pm

Dance Performance Routines

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Lunch Break

1:00pm  - 2:30pm

Dance routines

2:30pm  - 4:00pm

Music and Rhythm | Flexibilty and Strength

4:00pm  - 6:00pm  (optional)

Music and Dance Art appreciation

(* The kids will have a 10 minutes break between each hour. * Parents please prepare water and lunch for your child. * actual content/daily schedule of each camp may change depending on the needs of each group)


CAMP Regular Early Bird (pay before Feb 1st)
10 day onsite camp $1500 $1400
optional 4-6pm after camp care $10/hour.

You can pay the tuition in cash/check or via zelle to mobile number 4088165489

For more details or questions, please email campinfo@jludance.com or call 408-219-3562

Cancellation: we reserve the right to cancel the camp if the enrollment is not sufficient. You will get a full refund if this happened.  If a student has to cancel registration for personal reasons, $100 administrative fee will be deducted from the payment if the request is sent in before 4/1. A third of the payment will be deducted if the request comes in after that. No refund two weeks before the camp starts (half the of payment might be credited to the regular class tuition if cancellation is due to a reason not under the student's control).

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